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Plasmolifting® is an innovative procedure for autologous blood plasma injections into body tissues which stimulate the process of tissue regeneration.

Plasmolifting® is used in orthopedics, cosmetology, clinical surgery, neurology, gynecology, dentistry and other branches of medicine.

The versatility of Plasmolifting® Technology together with its effectiveness, the eminent amount of positive customer reviews and the great interest showed enhances the creation of a clinic offering solely Plasmolifting® treatments for patients.

Applying Plasmolifting® treatment methods in a clinic triples the return on investment and eventually, customer satisfaction is maximized.

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Some facts about Plasmolifting® technologies:

• Could be applicable as a prophylactic method against tissue aging, preventingage-related fractures, including dangerous fractures of the femoral neck;

• A good method to cure the most complicated orthopedic diseases;

• One of the most effective methods for osteoarthritis and osteochondrosistreatment;

• A tool to cure joint contracture and cartilage and bones regeneration;

• One of the few methods of ankylosing spondylitis treatment;

• Almost no contraindications and side effects;

• High tolerability due to the use of patient’s own blood plasma; The effectiveness of the method is approved by the number of positive patient`s reviews. Due to the mouth to mouth marketing propaganda, the number of clients per clinic show geometric growth thus reducing marketing expenses.

Plasmolifting Praxis® Clinic

We are going to open more than 200 Clinics in Germany during the next couple of years and we will develop our Franchise network all over Europe as well. From 60 to 150 sqm mono clinic which provides Plasmolifting services.

A unique business model, developed by Plasmolifting Praxis®, allows you to make medical business more profitable by reducing expenses and increasing profitability. On average, the indicators of a Plasmolifting Praxis® Clinic performance are twice higher compared to competitors.

We suggest entrepreneurs either to open a new turnkey Plasmolifting Praxis® Clinic or refit their current medical business.

Meet our Founder Dr. Renat Akhmerov

Saturday December 7th 2019 we invite you to join our Program in Bad Salzhausen, Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen, Kurstraße 2, 63667 Nidda

1:30 pm Welcome with coffee and cake

2:00 pm Introduction “Dr. Renat Akhmerov Plasmolifting Praxis Franchise® (Felix de Wit, Franchise Development Manager)

2:15 pm Plasmolifting Technology® (Dr. Renat Akhmerov, Founder & President)

2:45 pm Questions & Answers

3:00 pm Networking

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Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in clinical use.

Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® technology is widely used in aesthetic medicine, trichology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, gynecology and in other fields of medicine.


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Plasmolifting Stomatologie 300x200 - Dr. Renat Akhmerov Plasmolifting Praxis® Franchise


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Sports medicine

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